Specialised Structures Are Go – A Mid-Year Building Update.

Building Construction Makes Way for The Winter Months

We’re pleased to bring you the latest building construction update from Specialised Structures New Zealand. In this post we feature construction highlights from projects recently completed, or near-completion from Southland to Central Plateau. It showcases the great range of building projects our team has been working on, plus an update on the Southland lifestyle barn we featured in our previous news update.

Specialised Structures materials are New Zealand sourced and designed and engineered for all conditions. That’s a point of difference we’re extremely proud of. Take a look and see if you can pick out the range materials used for fast construction, weather-proofing, fire-resistance, cost-effective and durable, high-quality builds

Another Happy Customer in South Canterbury

The owners of this smart-looking storage warehouse in Timaru are thrilled with their new build, thanks to the work of Mark Farrant and his team at Specialised Structures South Canterbury.

This building has a 23m span, 30m long, with a poured area of 420m2. With 552m2 of storage and a 6m x 23m (138m2) covered loading bay and features 6m tall tilt slab walls to neighbouring boundaries for fire protection.

Farm Implement Shed Completed in Central Plateau

Specialised Structures Central Plateau have recently finished their shed build in Reporoa. Dimensions are 30m x 12m with 6 x motorised roller doors. The shed is cladded with Plumdek colorsteel, Gull Grey and New Denim Blue are the colours.

Great progress on this Southland Lifestyle Barn

Keith McLeod and his team at Specialised Structures Invercargill have  progress in the construction of this lifestyle barn, which featured in our previous update. 

This barn house features one bedroom, lounge, shower, two toilets, dining and kitchen.  At 14m x 13m, there’s plenty of room to house a motorhome, and park some cars inside as well! The Kiwi barn style house has become a must for many with lifestyle blocks,. Providing people with living quarters (barns with accommodation), extended garage and storage space.

Learn more about our all-purpose Lifestyle Barns.

Customised Commercial Building Ready for Business in Mid-Canterbury

Justin Quaid and his team at Specialised Structures Mid Canterbury have completed this customised building project for a local transport company. Dimensions are 1200m2, and 45m x 24.7m x 5.5 knee height including the reception and office, plus 2 x additional offices, smoko room, locker room and bathroom.

Specialised Structures can provide cost-effective and customised solutions to suit a wide range of commercial building projectsTo find out more about our commercial building solutions.


Office Block Completed in Christchurch

Rock Control, in Woolston, Christchurch have a smart-looking office block thanks to Luke Anderson and his team at Specialised Structures Christchurch. A 900m2 warehouse with 200 m2 office block, this building is 50m long x 20m span x 5.7m knee height.

The strength, quality and the ability to customise a building to fit a particular purpose is what initially encouraged Luke and Eric Anderson to come on board with Specialised Structures New Zealand.

With 15 years plus experience in construction, Anderson Construction are Licensed Building Practitioners and members of Site Safe.

If you need to request an estimate for a commercial office block or building, contact one of our Specialised Structures teams to find discuss your requirements today.

Our Buildings are Designed and Engineered for New Zealand Conditions

At Specialised Structures New Zealand we build more than just big sheds! We also build Commercial, Industrial, Warehouses, Offices, Storage & garages.  With branches across the country, our team are locally experienced and skilled in building for all conditions.

Our people have access to the tools to build to any specifications. We integrate a multitude of construction methods and work with a variety of materials, including structural steel, tilt slab, cold-rolled high tensile steel and timber.

We have the tools to build to any specifications, integrating a multitude of construction methods and materials, including structural steel, cold rolled steel, timber framing to concrete tilt panel.

Materials can be tailored to suit your specifications, whether you’re looking for something that is:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Weatherproof
  • Birdproof
  • Fire Resistant
  • Speed of Construction
  • Design Versatility
  • Sustainable
  • Cost Effective
  • Quality Guarantee

We can advise on the best materials for your requirements, taking into account terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake and even fire protection in your project.

If you’re looking to build for energy efficiency, need a speedy turnaround or require something sustainable and cost-effective, we can make your construction progress move forward hassle-free this winter.

Ready to get started? Request an estimate

Contact us about your next building project today or freephone us now on 0508 787 828. We look forward to building with you!

Five great reasons to build with Specialised Structures

April construction update

The days on site may be getting cooler, but there’s no sign of the workload cooling off! In this construction update we use some of our recent building projects to highlight the versatility and benefits that come when you build with Specialised Structures.

Our latest construction projects help to demonstrate the great range of variety and quality available with our range of building options. You’ll find everything from barns built to suit the ultimate in lifestyle requirements, to custom built commercial builds, cost-friendly industrial warehouses and unique home builds.

These five examples of new buildings showcase some of the exciting range of projects happening across our network this month.


The 660m2 warehouse and office warehouse featured in our previous news blog is almost complete. Located on Vickery Street in Hamilton, the structural steel and cladding for this building was supplied as a kit by Andrew & Leigh Thompson of Specialised Structures Waikato.

This building includes 3 sides of concrete tilt panel a structural steel frame, coloursteel cladding to roof and front façade, and is an excellent example of the wide range of high quality materials, sourced at a good price – a key benefit of working with us.



Specialised Structures Invercargill

The floor is ready to have concrete poured on this versatile new lifestyle barn in Wallacetown, Southland. The latest from Keith McLeod and his team at Specialised Structures, Invercargill.

This barn house features one bedroom, lounge, shower, two toilets, dining and kitchen.  At 14m x 13m, there’s plenty of room to house a motorhome, and park some cars inside as well! If you’re looking for something a little different, you’re in good hands with your local Specialised Structures merchant. No requirement is too big or too small, and this build is a great example of something purpose built to meet the needs of this client.

Learn more about our all-purpose Lifestyle Barns


Specialised Structures South Canterbury

Mark Farrant and his Specialised Structures South Canterbury team are currently building this 690m2 Storage Warehouse in Timaru.

This building has a 23m span, 30m long, with a poured area of 420m2. With 552m2 of storage and a 6m x 23m (138m2) covered loading bay, and features 6m tall tilt slab walls to neighbouring boundaries for fire protection.

Each of our buildings are engineered specifically to the site requirements and environmental concerns, taking into account terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake and even fire protection – built to withstand your unique local conditions.

Learn more about our Commercial and Industrial Building solutions now.


Greg McDowall and his team at Specialised Structures Central Otago are currently building this 23m x 23.5m mono pitch shed in Wanaka.

Custom-built to client specifications, not only will it house two workshops, it will feature two showrooms and two apartments set on a mezzanine floor. The structure will be cladded with speedwall and stria board, and topped off with Coloursteel ebony plumbdeck.


Specialised Structures Tasman

Take a sneak peek into a new home build underway in Nelson. Subject to copyright, this project is an exciting collaboration between Lance Robinson and the team at Specialised Structures Tasman, Redbox Architects and the client.

A feature of this home is that it uses Formance  S.I.P  (Structural insulated Panels) for residential component along with Cold Rolled steel to hold it altogether.

At Specialised Structures, we can take care of the whole building process for you, from concept to completion. We will work together with you on design, and we will take care of engineering, council consents and the actual construction of your building. Alternatively we can work with your chosen architect or builder.

Please note that copyright restrictions apply to this project.

Learn more about Home Building with Specialised Structures today.



Our latest building highlights demonstrate five key reasons why Specialised Structures is an excellent choice both for our versatility, variety and quality. Here are five reasons to build with us,

  • We can take care of the whole building process for you, from concept to completion. We look after design, engineering, council consents and the actual construction of your building. Alternatively we can work with your chosen architect or builder.
  • We work with a wide range of high quality materials, sourced at a good price, and we are happy to supply kits to customers and builders
  • We’ve worked on multiple projects in our network, covering everything from Commercial Builds to Free Stall Cow Barns, Homes, Sheds and Garages. You’ll be in good hands
  • Each of our buildings are engineered specifically to the site requirements, taking into account terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake demands – built to withstand your local conditions.
  • We only deliver quality. And our reputation depends on it.

Request an estimate today

Let’s get the ball rolling with a few details about what you need this building for, and what you think you might want in the way of features. We’ll get back to you with an indicative estimate.

Get an estimate for your next building project online now or Freephone 0508 787 828.



New Industrial and Commercial Buildings. Construction highlights from a busy Summer!

It’s been a busy few months here at Specialised Structures New Zealand, now we are in Autumn there appears to be no signs of slowing down! Throughout the country our hard-working team of construction professionals have been working on a diverse range of Industrial and Commercial buildings. Here are five of our construction highlights from recent months.

If you’ve been following the Specialised Structures Facebook Page, you may have noticed recent updates on the McLellan’s Showroom underway from Greg McDowall and the team at Specialised Structures Central Otago, or the remarkable distribution building for Chunky Dog Foods from Andrew Templer and the team at Specialised Structures Tauranga. In this news blog we feature both projects, plus three more smart looking buildings recently completed, or near completion.

1. Vickery Street – Waikato
2. McLellan’s Showroom – Central Otago
3. Distribution Lane – Canterbury
4. Chunky Dog Foods – Tauranga
5. Full Noise Auto – Northland

ONE: Vickery Street – Specialised Structures Waikato

This 660m2 warehouse and office is on-the-go in Te Rapa, Hamilton. Structural steel and cladding supplied as a kit for the construction by Andrew & Leigh Thompson of Specialised Structures Waikato. The building includes 3 sides of concrete tilt panel, structural steel frame and colorsteel cladding to the roof and front facade.

TWO: McLellan’s Showroom – Specialised Structures Central Otago


Greg, and the team at Specialised Structures Central Otago have been working hard to complete this 392m2 Showroom for McLellan’s in Alexandra. And what a show piece building it is!
Exterior almost complete, now for the interior!
The exterior of McLellan’s Showroom is almost finished. Interior will include polished floors and underfloor heating. A design feature on the exterior being the use of Central Otago schist to match the local landscape.

THREE: Distribution Lane – Specialised Structures Christchurch and North Canterbury

This commercial project is from Luke Anderson – Specialised Structures Christchurch and North Canterbury. One feature of note in this structure – tilt panel firewalls to two sides in the main Warehouse.

An extremely smart looking building which meets the needs of two tenancies.

The first has the 450m2 office which has a forest management company in it. The other has 200m2 office with 1075m2 Warehouse attached which a plastics company occupies.

FOUR: Full Noise Auto Restoration – Marsden City, Ruakaka, Northland

Located at Marsden City, Ruakaka, Northland. This remarkable building is used for a Panel beating workshop. Measurements are: 30m long x 15m span x 5m span lean to x 13.5m long.

Design features include Ebony walls and a Zinc roof which is suited to the Northland sunshine.

FIVE: Chunky Dog Foods – Specialised Structures Tauranga


This is a distribution building for Chunky Dog Foods being built in Paeroa by Andrew Templer and his team at Specialised Structures Tauranga. The colour is Pioneer Red, and the building is 30m long, 20m wide and 4.5m high.

Like the look of these Commercial and Industrial builds? Request an estimate for your own Specialised Structures building today.

Specialised Structures are the experts at supplying and constructing custom buildings to meet your vision and budget. With merchant locations around the country we have solutions for any size building project. Our resources enable us to offer both quality and value for money from large scale industrial, commercial and farm buildings to smaller scale lifestyle and home buildings.

If you have a building project that needs immediate attention and resolution contact your local Specialised Structures branch today or request an estimate. We can provide our expertise to make sure your project meets your budget and vision.

We have a proven record of successful construction of commercial and industrial buildings throughout New Zealand including a diverse range of projects. It could be one of the best investment decisions you will ever make!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! Freephone 0508 787 828 or fill in our quick and easy request an estimate form

Keen To Build Your Own Shed? Here’s where to start.

With the holiday season fast approaching you might be keen to build your own shed! With a Specialised Structure’s construction pack (kitset building) you can build your own shed easily and quickly.

Specialised Structures provide customised construction packs for all types of sheds and buildings and for any purpose! Maybe you fancy building a hobby room, sleep-out or a shed for the farm? Whatever you wish to build our construction packs will make your building project easy and affordable.

You can purchase a construction pack/kit for any type and size of portal building. We will work with you to design the building that best meets your needs. Using ‘Plan-It’, our in-house design and engineering programme, we will price the most economical solution that will meet your requirements.

Contruction kit prices from Specialised Structures are affordable, and we can supply you, or your builder, a construction pack with everything you need. You will have full control over your building project!


Build your own shed

Utilise Your Own Resources

  • Let us help you design your building to meet your requirements.
  • We will provide relevant PS1 information for your consent process.
  • Order a construction pack from Specialised Structures and manage your project yourself.
  • Construction manual is provided.
  • We will deliver the construction pack to your site ready to assemble!


  • Provides the opportunity for you to control the building process.
  • Provides flexibility to utilise your own building resources.
  • You’re in control of your own time-frame expectations.
  • Ability to utilise family or network connections to complete the building.

To find out more contact us here today on our freephone 0508 787 828, website: www.specialisedstructures.co.nz.

If you wish to request an estimate for a construction kit just fill out our on-line form here, or contact your local Specialised Structures Merchant.

You will find our construction packs/kits a great solution for your next building project. Imagine saying to your family and friends: “I built that”, or “We built that together”! Definitely worth a roof-top shout…!




Freestall Cow Barns

Sheds – Large or Small Sheds, We Do It All!

Sheds – large or small you have come to the right place! Specialised Structure’s are experts in building large or small sheds to suit your needs.

Specialised Structures is a trusted name in shed building (see what we build) with merchant locations throughout New Zealand. No two jobs are the same, and with the backing of your Specialised Structure’s team you can be assured of a quality building that will stand the test of time.

Multi purpose shed

Specialised Structures build a wide range of sheds for use in rural areas, city, industrial, and residential zones.  Their farm sheds are strong, durable, functional, and look great.  They are sheds that will add value to your property and are very cost competitive!

The Specialised Structures range is vast and includes their standard buildings range (Simplified Structures) and their customised buildings which can be built with their modern ‘Plan-it’ design software.

farm sheds

Specialised Structure’s sheds are cost effective without compromising quality, and you have the ability to choose your own bay size, combined with clear span portal design. This means that when you build with Specialised Structure’s it is an easy process and offers exceptional flexibility.

If you wish to manage the project yourself you can purchase a Specialised Structure’s shed construction kit. This is good option when you want to save on money and manage the build yourself.

home building

All Specialised Structure’s sheds and buildings are designed with the rugged New Zealand conditions in mind, and are built to last the test of time.

You can build with any type of materials you wish, to any size, and cladding. Roofs can be mono-pitch or gable, and are very cost competitive. You can choose your own measurements and bay size to suit your exact requirements!

Why not request an estimate from us today here or give us a call on 0508 787 828 and make your sheds dreams a reality!

Sheds – Large or Small Sheds – We Do It All!

Request an Estimate

Request an Estimate

Do you need to request an estimate for your next building project? Look no further as Specialised Structures can provide you with that estimate!

Specialised Structures has merchants spanning the length of New Zealand and they are experts in providing you with a competitive price, great product knowledge, and an easy stress-free building experience.

Whether it’s a residential, industrial, commercial, or rural building project you would like a price for, Specialised Structures have the resources to build both large and small buildings, utilizing the latest materials and technology.  Have a look at the wide range of buildings they build here.

Specialised Structures can customise your design and build specifications to meet your needs and they have specialist knowledge of which building products would best suit your environment.  They can also help you with council permits and understanding government regulations that may apply to your build.

Specialised Structures is a construction company that offers New Zealand’s widest range of portal construction systems, from structural steelcold rolled steeltimber framing to concrete tilt panel.  Check out their range of timber pole sheds which can be supplied as kitset sheds.

If you would like to manage the project yourself, you can request an estimate from Specialised Structures and obtain a construction kit.  They have construction kits for all types of kitset buildings to choose from.

If you would like to find out more about the company and its merchants have a look at their ‘Who We Are‘ page. This is where you can read about your local merchant and find out their contact information.

To request an estimate for building a farm shed, home-style barn, commercial premises, industrial building, garage, sleep-out, or whatever you need, contact a merchant in your area today. 

You can phone Specialised Structures on 0508 787 828 or fill in their quick and easy request an estimate form at this link.


Request an Estimate



Barns with living quarters

Barns with Living Quarters

Barns with Living Quarters – Built to suit your Lifestyle!

A barn-style house is a great concept because you get the blue-print of a home but also the options are endless when it comes to making it a multi-purpose building.

Specialised Structures are experts at building barns with living quarters including all the rooms you need, plus the option of adding a mezzanine floor, hobby room, garage/workshop, business/office extensions….the choice is yours.

The benefit of a barn-style home is that it is a complete solution to your lifestyle needs, with both practical and aesthetic design options that will prove a worthy investment in the long run.

Here at Specialised Structures we have been building barns with living quarters up and down the country for a long time now. Our barn-style home projects have included numerous multi-purpose style buildings that have surpassed our customer’s expectations with the quality of workmanship and professional service.

We can build your barn-style home with any type of cladding and building materials you wish to use, and can advise you best on how to achieve the barn lifestyle of your dreams!

Barns with living quarters

Mark Farrant, our Specialised Structure’s merchant in South Canterbury has done just this!  The happy owners of this two storey barn-style home are delighted with the result (see above photos).

The home has a 15m clear span and is 16.5m long with a wall height of 3m.  The ground floor is 225m2 and comprises of a garage, laundry, two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, a bathroom, large open plan living/dining/lounge with panoramic views through large windows and doors.  A log fire completes the living area and provides warmth in the cooler months.

The upstairs area is a 49m2 mezzanine floor which includes the master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.  A large sliding glass door looks out over the stunning alpine views from the foot of the bed onto a deck (which is to be completed).  The roof above the deck projects a further 1.5m enabling shelter from the elements.

The home is clad in ebony coloursteel with ebony aluminium double-glazed units and electric roller doors. This is all set off with a naturally finished macrocarpa fascia and barge board trim.

Well done to Mark and the Specialised Structures team in South Canterbury for building a superb home!

If you would like to chat to one of our local Specialised Structure’s merchants about a barn-style home or any building project give us a call today on 0508 787 828 or visit our website page on barns here.

Construction NZ – Specialised Structures Merchant Locations

Construction Company

Specialised Structures - our process


Construction NZ – Contact your local Specialised Structures Merchant in a location near you today!

Specialised Structures have merchants spanning (excuse the metaphor) the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Wherever you are in New Zealand there is a Specialised Structure’s merchant ready to help you with your building and construction project.

From farm sheds to commercial buildings, aircraft hangars to community buildings – we do it all!  Large or small our merchants have the expertise and knowledge to make your building project easy and affordable.

We can customise your project with our in-house design technology and also offer you the opportunity to build and manage the project yourself with our construction kits.

We’ll spend some time discussing what the building is for, what your current needs are and what the future holds – ensuring the solution will be relevant for years to come.

All of our merchants can help you out with building permits and council requirements. They will also provide you with sound advice when it comes to economic building materials to help you save time and money.

There are three simple ways to get in touch with a merchant near you and we have listed everything for you here:

  1. Click on the below links to access your Specialised Structures Construction NZ location branch
  2. Call 0508 787 828 today
  3. Request an estimate here

Pump Houses built the Specialised way!

Pump houses or ‘pump sheds’ as they
are Pump Housessometimes referred to are the answer for keeping your pump and electrical facilities safe and secure.

Here at Specialised Structures we can build your pump house to any specification you require and out of any materials you wish to use.

We can customise the build to meet your needs or you can choose to build and manage the project yourself with one of our construction kits.

We highly recommend building with steel because of its durability to withstand the New Zealand climate.

Our range of steel frame buildings are completely waterproof inside and
out and have superior strength qualities.

The Specialised Structure’s team inPump Houses
 includes father and son team
Eric and Luke Anderson. The duo have
recently built pump houses for an irrigation scheme at Sheffield, Canterbury.

The pump houses are to house all the electrical equipment/circuit boards etc., to run the pumps. Dimensions for the pump houses are 4.5m long by 3m wide by 2.8m high.

The pump houses are fully insulated with a 20mm nominal cavity system. The client is also installing heat pumps in each of them.

The framing is cold rolled steel and designed to take the heavy snow loads and wind loads which are prevalent in the environment there. They are lined with 9mm ply.

Pump Houses

The Christchurch Specialised Structures team also took care of building the earthworks and concrete pads for the sheds and pumps.

Specialised Structures build a vast range of sheds and buildings for all purposes including commercial, industrial, farm and home building.

Contact a Specialised Structures merchant near you today as they can assist you with obtaining both resource and building consents if required.

If you require an estimate to build pump houses or sheds for any building project you can also give us a call on 0508 787 828 or
request an estimate here.

Shed Design

Shed Design Tips from the experts at Specialised Structures

Shed Design – Customised Building Specialists is who we are, and supplying NZ pre-engineered custom designed buildings is what we do.

  1. Shed Design – Use and Placement

To help decide what size building you need, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your shed going to be used for?
  • What will your needs be in 20 years’ time?
  • Could it end up being your retirement hobby area?
  • Where is the shed going to be placed?
  • Is the area you have big enough for your new shed?
  • Are there any Council bylaws you will need to consider on the placement of your new shed on your property?
  • If your shed is for storing machinery, have you got enough room for access and easy manouvering of machinery especially in front of the shed.
  • Simple things like building your shed away from trees will also ensure your guttering is kept free of obstructions.
  • If you are debating whether to add an extra bay now, or if you should leave it until later; keep in mind it is far more economical to do the whole shed at once because you will save on building consent fees, delivery and install.
  1. Shed Design – Size

Depending on the proposed use of the shed, the factors you should consider when designing your shed:

  • Width – is your building going to be deep enough to fit the length of the items you need to put in it? Eg; your car, ute or boat, maybe a caravan, camper of even a truck
  • Roof Height – depending on what you are going to store in your shed, you will need to ensure you have enough roof height to accommodate everything comfortably.
  • Number and size of Bays – Basically the number of bays in your building will depend of the amount of gear you need to put in it. The size and the height of the bays will depend of the size of that gear. Note: Specialised Structures can make bays of any size and height.
  • Clearspan – Do you need a clearspan building? If not it maybe more economical to have centre posts.
  • Access – Roller Doors, Personnel Doors, open front bays.
  • Door Placement – If your shed is for storing machinery, you may also want to consider traffic flow patterns inside the building to determine door placement.
  • Lighting – clear lighting, open bays, roller doors, windows.
  • Ventilation – If you are building an animal shelter, you will need to ensure livestock are kept comfortable and healthy with natural ventilation.
  1. Shed Design – Materials your shed is built out of.

Here at Specialised Structures our buildings can be designed from a wide range of materials.

Most small to medium sheds in NZ, the framing is either lightweight cold rolled steel or of timber pole construction.

The team at Specialised Structures were pioneers of the lightweight cold rolled steel building design and construction in NZ. Their knowledge and experience in this product is second to none.

Specialised Structures not only offer timber pole sheds, but they are the only company in NZ which offer pre-engineered Laminated Timber Portal Buildings.

For the Industrial and Commercial customer, as well as the above, Specialised Structures offers Structural Steel Construction along with Concrete Tiltpanels. Various fire rating systems can easily be incorporated into any of our buildings.

All Specialised Structures buildings can be clad with almost any cladding type a customer desires, to give their building the exact look they are after.

  1. Shed Design – Budget

Specialised Structures will design your building to fit your budget. Our aim is to give you the most economical building to fit your requirements.

A great way to save costs is to erect the building yourself … Specialised Structure’s kitsets are affordable and we can supply you, or your builder, a construction pack with everything you need.  You have full control over your kitset building project.   

Remember Specialised Structures has a large range of building types and sizes, and they can customise any building to any size and look you require.

To give you a good idea on cost and building design, chat to one of our Specialised Structure’s merchants today.  You can contact them here or give us a call on 0508 787 828.  

View our range of Shed Designs in this video: