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Michael Rushton

Michael comes from farming stock and has a strong background in agri-business consulting and business management.

His role with Specialised Structures is varied and challenging – he works with our business owners on consistency in customer service, helps them to grow their businesses and is also responsible for developing our nationwide network. In regions where we’re missing a business owner, it’s likely you’ll deal with Michael.

Michael cites his key strength as taking the time to understand people’s needs to achieve the right results and ultimately drive efficient outcomes. We like his easy going personality and problem-solving abilities, plus he’s not a builder so adds a different perspective on the way we do things around here.

And what does he believe are the benefits of building with Specialised Structures?

“Two things” he says. “The people in this business and the diversity of the offering.

“Our business owners take pride in their workmanship and value their reputations – which can only be good for customers. And the diversity of the Specialised Structures offering, construction methods and materials, makes it easy for people to have something built uniquely for them.”

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