Keen To Build Your Own Shed? Here’s where to start.

With the holiday season fast approaching you might be keen to build your own shed! With a Specialised Structure’s construction pack (kitset building) you can build your own shed easily and quickly.

Specialised Structures provide customised construction packs for all types of sheds and buildings and for any purpose! Maybe you fancy building a hobby room, sleep-out or a shed for the farm? Whatever you wish to build our construction packs will make your building project easy and affordable.

You can purchase a construction pack/kit for any type and size of portal building. We will work with you to design the building that best meets your needs. Using ‘Plan-It’, our in-house design and engineering programme, we will price the most economical solution that will meet your requirements.

Contruction kit prices from Specialised Structures are affordable, and we can supply you, or your builder, a construction pack with everything you need. You will have full control over your building project!


Build your own shed

Utilise Your Own Resources

  • Let us help you design your building to meet your requirements.
  • We will provide relevant PS1 information for your consent process.
  • Order a construction pack from Specialised Structures and manage your project yourself.
  • Construction manual is provided.
  • We will deliver the construction pack to your site ready to assemble!


  • Provides the opportunity for you to control the building process.
  • Provides flexibility to utilise your own building resources.
  • You’re in control of your own time-frame expectations.
  • Ability to utilise family or network connections to complete the building.

To find out more contact us here today on our freephone 0508 787 828, website:

If you wish to request an estimate for a construction kit just fill out our online form here, or contact your local Specialised Structures Merchant.