Building the Future of New Zealand Farming

Choose from the best range of custom farm sheds and kitset buildings… made to stand up to your farming needs now, and for years to come.

Specialised Structures are proud to be among New Zealand’s industry leaders in custom farm shed and rural building designs. Our buildings offer exceptional flexibility and are designed to meet the most asked for features and requirements of New Zealand farmers today. As pioneers of cold-rolled steel construction solutions for rugged rural environments, you can be confident that our structures stand up to the demands of modern farming. 

Our rural buildings and kitset farm sheds are fully customisable and flexible to suit budgets of all sizes. This makes them suitable for a wide range of farming requirements.  Our network of qualified building experts have both the experience and local knowledge to design, discover and build the best structure for your faming requirements. As a result, you will benefit from a personalised and professional experience, providing exceptional service and value for money.

Specialised Structures farm sheds are designed, engineered and produced in New Zealand – offering the ultimate range in quality materials, features, and flexibility to meet every farming need.

Exceptional Flexibility for Every Farming Requirement

Ever wondered what your new shed would look like with living quarters, or a new workshop attached? All of this is possible thanks to the exceptional flexibility offered by modern building techniques. Specialised Structures buildings can be tailored to suit every intended use – now, and for the future.  Whether you are looking for better stock protection or need more room to store equipment, or have the need to keep vehicles, tools and implements sheltered, our custom or kitset shed designs have you covered. From woolshed to cow shed, wintering barn or implement shed, our buildings can be customised to suit. Perhaps you’re thinking about an aircraft hangar, a new storage shed, garage or carport for the ute… and the boat! From the smallest operation to the largest agricultural enterprise, we understand the needs of your business and have rural building options to make your dream a reality.

Customised to Suit Wide Range Of Rural Building Needs

Specialised Structures offer a large range of building types and sizes, and they can customise any building to any size and style. Choose from a wide range of materials, including timber and steel. Build a shed as small or as large as you like! A shed with a 30-metre clear span is no problem with our cold-rolled steel product. All types, sizes & claddings, mono-pitch and gable roof can be accommodated for. Choose your own measurements and bay size to suit your exact requirements! If you’d like to contact us to discuss what you’re looking to build with your local building expert, they’ll be happy to give you an idea of costs, options and what you can build for your budget.

Farm Sheds Constructed For Rugged New Zealand Conditions

Designed with New Zealand conditions in mind, these buildings are strong and robust to suit the unique needs of your environment. Each of our buildings is engineered specifically to the site requirements, taking into account terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake demands – built to withstand your local conditions.

What’s more, all Specialised Structures branches are independently owned and operated. You’ll be met with a personalised approach to the requirements of your building project, matched with a wealth of local knowledge.

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Built with materials to withstand weather extremes and the day-to-day wear. They’re sourced from New Zealand too, so you can be sure that they’re made to last. Not only will they look great, they are a great investment guaranteed to add value to your property.

To top it off, we make building custom farm sheds process easy, by helping you to design and meet your specific business needs and environment. Our aim is to give you the most economical building to fit your requirements.

Could you Build A Kitset Farm Shed Instead?

If you’d like to save on costs, Specialised Structures also supply construction kits should you wish to manage your own building project. Kitset Sheds are an affordable solution to budget constraints. We can supply you, or your builder, a construction pack with everything you need. You have full control over your kitset building project. Or Specialised Structures can take care of the whole building process for you, from concept to completion. Our building experts can look after every stage of the process. From design and engineering to council consents and the actual construction of your building.


Build your Dream Custom or Kitset Building with The Experts

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