Top Ten Reasons to Build Local with us

Looking for a local builder to construct your new carport, farm shed, commercial premise or industrial building, or community building project? We strongly recommend choosing a local professional you can trust with your new build. It could be the best building decision you’ll ever make! 

Top 10 Reasons to Build Local 

When it comes to building local, you can’t beat the benefits of local expertise, and the likelihood is you’ll be enjoying a better service overall. Plus, you’ll be keeping it in the community!  All of this translates into a much better building experience for you. Here are some of our top reasons for choosing a local builder for your next shed or building project.

1. Service, service, service

The number one benefit when you’re dealing with a local builder. Better communication and service. Trying to get in touch with a large building corporation can leave you frustrated. Work more closely with a local and you’ll get everything you were looking for. Our team are all local business owners. They are all building professionals who take pride in offering great service, and the best building experience through the Specialised Structures Building System.

2. Get what you asked for

You can work more closely with your builder to create and customise sheds and buildings to suit your exact requirements. A good builder will work closely with you to bring your vision to reality. From ideas to design, products to plans, and construction to completion. Having the time to discuss what the building is for, what your current needs are and what the future holds is key to – ensuring your solution will be fit for your purpose, for years to come. Learn more about the discover, design and build process here.

3. Local Expertise and Knowledge

Another important consideration is the experience a local building professional has of your local area. With this expertise, a local expert will bring in-depth understanding of building for your area’s weather conditions, the local economy, and the community. They’re ready to take into account, terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake demands – built to withstand your local conditions. Most importantly, they’ll be on top of council consents, building code compliance and safety requirements, so your project meets building standards, and stays on track! Find out what’s required when building and renovating in New Zealand.

4. Solid Relationships and Reputation

Behind every good builder is a strong network of staff, subcontractors and suppliers. Local builders depend on good relationships with customers and community members, so they’ll make a point to work with the best! Choose to go local and you’ll benefit from working with someone who has established a reputation, both personal and professional, on their excellent work for customers. We’re proud of our team of passionate and professional local business owners ready to offer their professional advice and support.

5. Quality building materials

There’s also the advantage of knowing that your builder has access to building materials and solutions fit for your local conditions.They’re ready to take on board specific aspects of your local terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake demands. The Specialised Structures building system specialises in customised portal framed buildings. This includes structural steel, cold rolled steel, timber framing to concrete tilt panel.

6. Accurate pricing

No need to be concerned about low-ball costing, inferior work or escalated prices once the job begins. Professional builders know what it takes to do something right and how much it costs, and they’ll tell you upfront. Give us your building details and we can give you a free no-obligation estimate. Better yet, you can do it all on the Specialised Structures website! Request an estimate online today.

7. Keep things on track

Building is quite a process so you’ll want to make sure you are working with someone who can make sure the process is hassle free. Here, local expertise, strong relationships and commitment to service can all make a big difference. Your local builder will make it easy to keep things ticking along on time and on budget. If there is a problem, chances are they will be in touch to keep you informed of what is happening. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on our building process.

8. Greater control and flexibility

If your building needs change, or you’d like to be more hands-on with the building process a local builder is probably a better option. Larger companies simply can’t be so flexible. In fact, many have tied-in agreements which are not so easy to adapt for the needs of your project. At Specialised Structures, we can provide customised solutions for any purpose. Not only can you customise your building, but you can also decide which part of the process you want to control!

9. Support from start to finish.

A professional builder will help you to put it all together – from ideas to design, from products to plans, from construction to completion. You can have the confidence that your local Specialised Structures merchant will work with you every step of the way.

10. A written contract.

If trust alone is not enough; you’ll have the confidence of working with a local builder that has committed to a contract. Professionals who back it up with a written contract that spells your project out in detail – what, how, who, when and how much.

When you choose Specialised Structures, you get to combine the benefits of a local builder, with much more! Check out some examples of what you can build with us and request an estimate online today.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Our network is made of seasoned building professionals all well-connected and trusted as within their local communities. Each individual business owner combines their local expertise and knowledge with the solid backing of the Specialised Structures network. Build something with one of our passionate local experts.

For friendly and reliable advice or to chat about your building project, get in touch today or call 0508 787 828 to talk to your local Specialised Structures expert.