Why Kitset Buildings are Becoming a Top Construction Choice For New Zealanders

Kitset buildings are fast becoming a top do-it-yourself construction choice for many New Zealanders. The building option offers greater control, making it an affordable and faster way to build. From kitset sheds and carports to large commercial projects, there’s a solution for almost every building requirement.

Many DIY savvy homeowners and forward-thinking businesses are turning to companies like Specialised Structures New Zealand for a wide range of commercial and lifestyle kitset buildings. It’s not hard to understand why! Here are some of the top reasons for choosing kitsets.

Top reasons to choose a kitset for your next building project.

1. You can manage as little or as much as you want.

The most popular reason for building a kitset is that it gives you complete control over the building process. But if you need a helping hand, that option is available too! Specialised Structures will provide you support and advice you need to ensure your project is a success.

2. Get help from existing contacts and networks.

Kitset buildings make it easy to use your own friends, family and community to assist you. We can supply you, or your builder a construction pack with everything you need.

3. Use your own resources to reduce costs.

Want to organise your own building resources? This benefit can significantly reduce the overall cost of your building project. Plus, if you would like to erect the kitset just to the closed-in stage, Specialised Structures can also provide this option, giving you the opportunity to complete the interior yourself.

4. Work to your own time-frame.

Go as fast or as slow as you like. No time spent waiting on labour or other constraints, or pressure to stick to a certain building schedule. You’re in complete control of your own timings from day one.

5. Choose from a range of building types.

Your local Specialised Structures merchant can work with you to design the best kitset building or shed for your needs. Our in-house computer programme ‘Plan It’, makes it easy to design, engineer, and price the most economical solution for your building requirements. You’ll also benefit from the added aesthetic appeal which can easily add value to your commercial or residential property.

6. Have your construction pack delivered to your building site.

Your building is supplied as a construction pack ready to assemble, complete with a construction manual so you can get started straight away. An added bonus, which can further reduce time on-site.

7. Choose from a range of NZ Designed, NZ Engineered & NZ Building Products.

Specialised Structures is unique in offering pre-engineered customised portal framed kitset buildings. Made for New Zealand conditions, our products are durable, sustainable and covered by warranty. Cold-rolled steel is one very cost-effective and low-maintenance cladding choice. This option offers the added advantage of buildings screwed together, so dismantling for relocation or cost efficient expansion is simple. 

8. Get support for a hassle-free consent process.

We provide full assistance with the consent process, including relevant PS1 information. We can advise you on the building code compliance required for your project. If it’s a carport you are after, keeping your build below the measurement of 20m2 means you do not need a consent at all!

Do-it-yourself meets build-it-yourself.

Kitset buildings are the ultimate match for New Zealand’s Do-it-Yourself culture. No project is too big or too small for a kitset! There’s a kitset for nearly every purpose. From farm sheds to large commercial or industrial buildings, to carports, sleepouts, garages and more. Chances are, you’ll find something which suits your building requirements.

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Work with your local kitset shed and building expert.

Specialised Structures New Zealand Merchants operate nationwide, from Tauranga to Bluff! They are local experts with unparalleled experience in construction. Each local merchant offers the Specialised Structures building system, which is unique in providing pre-engineered customised tailored solutions. They will work with you to give you the best advice on kitset buildings for your budget and requirements.

Just building isn’t enough. We’re in the business of problem solving! If you need help with the set-up, design and pricing of your building project, get in touch to talk to someone who can assist you with available options.

If you would like more information, we’re here to help. 

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Ready to get started? Kitset buildings or sheds are the perfect way to simplify the pricing and set-up phase of your construction project.  Tell us a bit more about what you’d like to build, and we’ll do our best to find you the solution that fits your specifications, timeframe and budget.

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Kitset Sheds

Kitset Sheds – A Smarter Way to Build

Kitset Sheds are indeed a smarter way to build and Specialised Structures have the best construction kitsets in New Zealand.

Kitset sheds are an easy solution for people as they are an affordable option and provide flexibility in your building project.

Specialised Structure’s offer you the ability to purchase your kitset shed as a construction pack for any type and size of portal building.  From kitset sheds to industrial buildings, we can customize a pack to suit your needs.

Whether you are a large construction company who has a client who wants a large commercial building or a person who wants a simple shed for the back-yard, Specialised Structure’s construction kitsets are designed as the most cost effective and easiest way to build.

Specialised Structure’s can customise a construction kit for your kitset shed and work with you to design a building that meets your needs. Using ‘Plan-It’, their in-house design and engineering programme, Specialised Structures can price the most economical solution that will meet your budget and requirements.

For construction companies Specialised Structures can offer a ‘take-off the labour cost’ of the project hence reducing set costs.

A recent example of a very happy customer who purchased a Specialised Structure’s Kitset Shed Construction Pack is Dallas Green from Coventry Products Ltd.

“I got Specialised Structures to design our factory building to suit my needs, and all council consents went through without question.

I bought the kit from Specialised Structures, and used local builders Keating Construction, who had never erected a steel shed, another local concrete man, Andrew Carey did the floor. Prestige Roofing Matamata did the Cladding.

Tom Keating found the instructions simple to follow and everything went up without a hitch.

So my thoughts are nothing but positive, the Specialised Structures kitset sheds system works simply and well.”

Kitset Sheds NZ

Specialised Structures have merchants throughout New Zealand who are ready to offer you the best deal and advice with your kitset sheds building project. Contact a merchant near you today or request an estimate.