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Every company is faced with unique challenges that constantly change in the modern world. Leasing or purchasing an existing commercial building often comes with a list of compromises that could affect your profitability.

A cost-effective and specialised building solution is therefore vital to ensuring you have an optimal environment to run your business operations.  That’s where we come in, not only to provide you with the best commercial building plan, but also to save you money and time.

Specialised Structures will provide you with effective solutions to your commercial building projects and provide you with an estimate on your commercial buildings costs.

We have a proven record of successful construction of commercial buildings throughout New Zealand including a diverse range of commercial building projects.

Some of our commercial property projects include industrial buildings, warehouses, offices, storage buildings, logistics, wineries, breweries, aircraft hangars and multi-purpose buildings.

Have a look at a couple of our recent commercial projects in our news section, namely: ‘Leaders in Industrial Building New Zealand’ and ‘Specialised Structures builds winery extension for Kiwi Spirit Distillery’.

The properties we build have helped our client’s with their investment portfolio, enabling them to generate profit not only from the operations from their commercial property but also from the building as an investment asset for the future.

If you need to request an estimate for your commercial buildings contact one of our Specialised Structures teams here today.


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Industrial developments often require a plant, as well as office and meeting space, while our commercial clients may need a flexible combination of offices, warehousing, showrooms and light manufacturing space.


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We approach each challenge with careful consideration, integrating technology, expertise and a variety of materials to meet your business challenge with the most effective solution.

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