What is Concrete Tilt Panel?

Also known as tilt-slab, concrete tilt panel is the use of concrete panels for walls. It allows the designer a great deal of flexibility and innovation, also offering structural capacity, fire resistance, acoustic and thermal capacity and durability.

Tilt-up concrete is a construction method which allows a great deal of flexibility and innovation. The use of concrete as a construction material offers the designer structural capacity, acoustic capacity, fire resistance, thermal capacity, aesthetic qualities and durability.

Concrete tilt panel is now used across a range of industries and buildings, including:

Commercial/Industrial Construction - warehouses, automotive workshops, storage units, offices, factories, motels, hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes.
Rural Construction - farm sheds, piggeries, dairy sheds, tanks, drainage systems, grain storage bunkers, settlement tanks.
Recreational Construction - squash courts, indoor cricket facilities, gymnasiums.
Residential Construction - houses, 2-3 storey flats, town houses.
Other Construction - churches, community halls, schools, colleges, motorway sound barriers and retainer walls.

Why choose Concrete Tilt Panel?

Lower cost

Lower costs can arise from faster construction and a simpler structural form than alternative concrete systems.

Speed of construction

Tilt slab panels are often erected and in place within a few weeks of access to site, so tradesmen are onsite quicker, resulting in earlier occupancy.

Design versatility

Tilt slab is a structural form in itself and columns and concrete encased portal legs can often be eliminated. Panels can provide a wide range of integral architectural treatments.

Weather proofing

Panels do not require any protective treatment to provide weatherproofing to the structure and will remain durable over the life of the structure.

Robust material

Maintenance costs are reduced because reinforced concrete by its rugged nature is able to withstand the heavy wear imposed by commercial and industrial applications.

Fire resistance

Tilt panels offer one of the most cost effective ways to fire rate a building.

Quality guarantee

Through our suppliers we have manufacturers Durability and Warranty on our materials.

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