Innovation in construction and safety working at height

Led by our desire to continually seek to provide better solutions for our clients and our on-site teams. We’re constantly assessing our systems with innovation in mind, innovation in design, innovation in construction and innovation in overall practices.

Headed by our Specialised Structures Central Otago team who face a labour shortage, increased labour costs, an increased work load, and more site safety compliance like most of the country. Their question was how to solve this, the simple answer is to reduce labour, reduce the time guys are on-site, reduce risk to them while on site, reduce any down time those guys have, in turn provide a quicker and more cost effective build for our clients.

The solution, Roof Lifts. Constructing the complete roof structure on the ground provides significant labour savings, less down time up and down scaffold ladders, less to no use of scissor lifts, and importantly eliminate risk of working at height during this phase of construction, it’s a formula Specialised Structures have found to continually provide the results required.