Specialised Structures NZ Ltd Administration - Barb McCrostie

Chief administrator, as well as managing director for Specialised Structures NZ Ltd, Barb effectively supports the whole business.

Together with Noel, Barb has been involved in the construction industry for over 20 years. Her roles in that time covering marketing, administration, reception and sales.

A real ‘people person’, she’s the support behind every person in this business. Friendly, practical and exceptionally hard working, she shares Noel’s vision of building the Specialised Structures brand name nationwide. And more importantly, the best building company brand to deal with.

And what does Barb believe are the benefits of building with Specialised Structures?

“Specialised Structures are just that, ‘specialised’ to meet whatever purpose. We specifically design and engineer a building to meet a client’s requirements. We don’t simply alter a standard option to something close.

“Working and building together is our philosophy, as is giving our customers choice.

“We offer timber, tilt-slab, cold rolled and structural steel. We can provide the building as a kit, customers can design the building and we construct it, or we design and build the complete project.

“Our buildings are superior quality, yet very cost competitive. Our in-house pricing and engineering system, Plan-It, is a quantity surveying tool which helps us price a job quickly and accurately. Preliminary engineering also ensures our pricing is accurate to meet the engineering standards required for that exact building.

“Finally, people who work with us are supporting locally owned and operated businesses, which have the support of a nationwide construction company. brand This means nationwide buying power, consistency and a good measure of knowledge and expertise to draw on.”