farm sheds

Custom shed

“Built in 2004, our shed is still in immaculate condition. It’s probably over-specified for our requirements but it’s an invaluable space which lends itself to all sorts of uses.”

Pete and Carol Roberts

Project Description

Current owners: Pete and Carol Roberts
Location: Alexandra
Year Completed: 2004
Key materials: Cold rolled steel framing, with cedar, schist and Colorsteel cladding on the exterior

The challenge

The customer (previous owner of the property) wanted a shed, but not just any shed. It was to blend with the surrounding landscape and also be big enough to use for storage and stabling horses.

Our approach

Construction NZ


We met with the client to find out what he needed the space for.

He specified that he needed shelter for horses, feed storage, a workspace and garage. It was to be a good looking building with a schist front.


We designed and engineered the structure for the site.

Framing was cold rolled steel, providing durability.

Standard internal walls divided the building into a garage, office/workshop and stable areas.

Extra overhang was included right round the building to protect the schist and cedar cladding.


We supplied the customised kitset. The shed was erected by the client, a builder.

The result

A good looking structure that is also practical, strong and durable.

Retired farmers, Pete and Carol Roberts bought this property (with the custom shed) in 2008. They have fitted roller doors to the open bays (ex-stables) and added a hoist to create a workshop for Pete’s collection of classic cars, motorbikes and tractors.

“Our shed is the envy of all our visitors. It stands out as different. With its schist and cedar cladding, it looks upmarket and would work perfectly well as a business premise. It’s probably over specified for our requirements but it’s very practical as a workshop. The high roof also makes it a great space for building floats for the Alexandra Blossom Festival.”