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Commercial office and retail space

“Our building attracts good road and foot traffic. It’s practical as an office but also works well for the hairdressing business next door.”

Justin Quaid, Specialised Structures Mid Canterbury Business Owner

Project Description

Owners: Noel and Barb McCrostie
Location: Ashburton
Dimensions: 200m² commercial building
Key materials: Tilt slab concrete boundary wall, with Colorsteel cladding on 75 per cent of the building and titan board framing the reception area.

The challenge

We needed a space for the Mid Canterbury Specialised Structures team to set up in Ashburton. We wanted to build a commercial building that would suit both ourselves and a second tenant.

Our approach

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The site was good for road traffic, plus there was the opportunity to attract foot traffic from a nearby cafe.

As a project for a Specialised Structures business, we wanted the building to showcase the versatility of the Specialised Structures offering.


Together with our architects Dunstan Design & Consultancy, we designed the space for two businesses with two offices, a boardroom, reception and storage area for Specialised Structures, with a large commercial space for the second business. The bathroom was situated in the middle.

We used multiple materials to create a structure that lent itself to business – we wanted to create something sophisticated, smart and modern. Design incorporated tilt slab, steel framing and Colorsteel cladding. We added pillars out front as an extra feature.

Plus, we factored in plenty of car parking space.


We managed the project from concept to completion.

The result

This is a building that shows versatility in use of materials as well as design. It looks smart, it draws people in and it’s practical for the needs of any medium-sized business.