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“Specialised Structures afforded us plenty of flexibility. We could put walls where we wanted, have a particular finish, add features.

“As a builder, I liked the Specialised Structures design, particularly the purlins being closer together, providing strength and durability.

“Our building works extremely well for our retail business. It’s light and warm inside with lots of open space. And it appeals to passers-by”

Blaine Horton, Obelisk

Commercial retail - Obelisk

Project Description

Client: Blaine & Debb Horton
Location: Tai Tapu, Christchurch
Dimensions: 415m² floor space with 130m² mezzanine.
Key materials: Steel structure, fully lined and insulated on the interior. Finished with black ebony corrugated iron and Macrocarpa board and batten.

The challenge

The Hortons wanted a retail space for showcasing their unique collection of home and garden pieces.

Obelisk (the shop) is about creating and enhancing individuality in one’s home or garden. They needed a space that provided a contemporary context, providing a sense of style and drama to complement their products.

Our approach

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We met with the business owners to discuss their needs.
They wanted space, plenty of natural light and something that was simple but refined.

It was to be warm and homely, interesting and inviting.

We went away and came up with a concept design.

With a few tweaks, we soon had a design to match the Horton’s vision of a simple and functional retail space.


Our design was a 415m² structure, incorporating retail and storage space, with a small bathroom and kitchen area.

We added a mezzanine floor to make the most of the space, at the same time introducing another interesting display area.

Extra features included an overhang roof to make it more house-like. Cladding it with ebony corrugated iron and macrocarpa created something both dramatic and unique.


We managed the project from concept to completion, overseeing the erection of the specially tailored kitset shed structure, then helping to shape it into a contemporary retail space.

The result

Here we started with a steel shed and created a building that’s modern, defined and eye-catching. There’s plenty of space and good natural light, making it a functional retail space. The fact that it draws people off the road and into the shop is the real ‘win’ in our books.