Community Buildings

Multi-purpose events centre

Project Description

Client: Rangiora New Life School
Location: Rangiora
Dimensions: 1,500 sq meters
Year Completed: 2013
Key materials: Cold rolled steel framing with metro panel interior cladding

The challenge

New Life School needed an indoor space for sports and recreation – a multi-purpose events centre.

Our approach

Construction NZ


We met with the School representatives to find out their specific needs.

They already had a sketch of what they wanted.

Specific design features included:
A space big enough for a full length basketball court
A classroom
Space for drama classes


With a clear idea of what was required, it was just a matter of getting the plans drawn up and preliminary engineering done.

The plan included the full basketball court, the length of the indoor space – this can be broken into two three quarter NBA courts width ways and four volley ball/badminton courts. Also included was a stage area for drama. A classroom, changing rooms and a kitchen area made up the rest of the structure.

Cold rolled steel framing ensured durability, whilst the metro panel cladding was added to the interior for its strength and acoustic properties.


We managed this project from concept to completion, including the consent process.

The result

Our ability to work with an initial concept and make it a reality is what we enjoyed most about this project. We’ve created a multi-purpose events centre that’s fit for purpose, serving both the School and their local community.