What is structural steel?

Structural steel is hot rolled steel, created in steel mills by rolling heated steel between large rollers to create the various shapes.

Hot rolled steel shapes are most commonly used in Portal framed buildings, as steel beams and columns.

Why choose Structural Steel?

Aesthetic appeal

Steel has a simple elegance. Column-free clear spans, the use of coloured coatings and the opportunity for natural lighting all make for good aesthetics.

Design flexibility

One can go for a simple, functional structure or a complex, signature design. Structural steel enables freedom of expression and design creativity.

High strength

Structural steel is the strongest building material.


Structural steel is the most recycled material on our planet.


Structural steel buildings can be modified in the future for changing requirements, loading conditions, vertical expansions in ways that other framing systems never could.


Structural steel buildings optimise space efficiency. Slender steel columns maximise floor space. Longer spans maximise column free spaces. The open floor areas are ideal for office layouts, parking structures and warehousing.

Quality guarantee

Through our suppliers we have manufacturers Durability and Warranty on our materials.

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