What is timber framing?

Timber framing is a common construction system in New Zealand. It’s lightweight, strong and reasonably priced. Timber frame buildings are also energy efficient and structurally sound, with superior insulation capabilities.

With natural insulation properties, timber structures are inherently free from condensation and easily heated. Timber is often used in homes, workshops, garages and farm sheds.

The Specialised Structures laminated beam portal system enables us to build spans to meet any requirements.

Why choose timber?

Energy efficient

A timber building frame has superior insulation capabilities.


Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material (even allowing for transport). Timber framing has the lowest CO² cost of any commercially available building material. And, converting timber into a useable building material takes far less energy and creates minimal pollution compared to other alternatives, such as aluminium, steel and concrete.

Design flexibility

timber frames are great for customised design. With Specialised Structures, you choose your own measurements and bay size; you also have the choice of mono-pitch or gable roof.

Structural soundness and durability

Timber frame buildings are doubly durable through the use of timbers and strong joints. They withstand earthquakes. The heavy timber also tends to have good fire resistance and can also withstand heavy loads.

Aesthetically pleasing

Timber blends into most environments.

Bird proof

Specialised Structures timber sheds are bird proof.

Quality guarantee

Through our suppliers we have manufacturers Durability and Warranty on our materials.

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