Timber Sheds and Buildings

Our Timber Sheds are designed and engineered in New Zealand.

Specialised Structures’ timber sheds and buildings are exceptionally flexible, as you get to choose your own measurements and bay size to suit your exact requirements.

Our quality timber sheds and buildings are bird proof, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, blending in with all environments.

We utilise timber in different ways depending on your needs can include complete timber portals / framing or just timber poles for legs if it’s about animals rubbing up against the legs for example.


Contact a Specialised Structures branch today to discuss your timber shed requirements.


timber sheds

Our most commonly used system with timber is to replace steel legs with timber poles for the benefit of animal safety if they rub up against the legs.


Kitset Sheds

Consideration between steel or timber construction is about providing the best solution for the end use.

A few of our Timber Sheds